The Contest is officaly Closed . Congratulations to Dominic Masters from Queensland Australia for winning the Igizmore contest

IGIZMORE PSP CONTEST is finally here !!!

Want to win a PSP camera (link) or $50 worth of goodies from play-asia.com ???

Just enter the following contest ! PLEASE READ ALL THE DETAILS CAREFULLY :

Quick notes :
Contest Closes On 30th DECEMBER 2008 . Don't forget to tell your friends and spread the word via blogging , bookmaring , emailing , social networking etc. This contest is open to everyone around the world . The winner shall have the prize shipped to their destination irrespective of where they live.

Requirements :

-> A Sony PSP .

-> PSP GTA LCS or VCS UMD (or iso)
-> Cheat device for PSP (tutorial here) OR A digital camera in case you don't have custom firmware . Note: Any screencapture plugin / software will do .

-> Friends ... The final winning entry will be selected by my readers via a poll . So the more friends you have the better is your chance to win - that is if you entry is selected in my top 10 list.

So What the Contest is all about ? :

(i) Take a funny , cool , entertaining screencapture (like the pic above) of a GTA LCS or VCS game on your psp using your digital camera or better still using Cheat device or any psp screencapture plugin / software(for custom firmware users)

(ii) then caption it (optional) and send it to igizmorecontest@gmail.com before 30th December 2008 . Read the terms and conditions below for further details.

I will pick the top 10 entries and post them on this site on 1st Jan 2008 , which is when igizmore readers will have a chance to pick their favorite pictures via a poll . The winners will be finalized on 9th January 2009 and he or she shall receive the prize by the end of January.*

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Format of the email , Terms / Conditions and other details :
-> Please use valid Gmail , Yahoomail , hotmail , Aol or any other popular email service to send me your entry.

-> Contest open for PSP users only.

-> The pictures should be sent to me only via attachment only - NO IMAGE HOSTING LINKS ALLOWED.

-> The screencaptures should not be zipped , the must be attached individually .

-> The mail should be sent to igizmorecontest@gmail.com with the subject " PSP CONTEST" the body of the email need not contain any specific details .

-> You name , address , phone number and other personal details need not be sent . Although You should send me you Name , Address and phone number etc. if you win .

-> Multiple entries allowed :) . Send in as many as you can.

-> Contest open to everyone irrespective of where you live. No age limit .
-> Light Photoshop editing allowed - Don't go overboard .

-> The Winner must agree to send me their picture with the prize after they have received it.
-> If the winner doesn't reply to his confirmation email withing a week the next best entry shall be chosen as the winning entry . So check your spam / junk mail during this period.
-> Captioning of images are optional . Thought it would improve your chances if you added a hiarious caption .

-> Screen capture's / Captions should be family friendly ... no mature content allowed.

-> If any entry is found not following the conditions they shall be disqulaified . The decision of the judge (me) will be final .

*Contest subjected to further terms and conditions . Hurry ! Spread the word.
Tomorrow's post : How to install Cheat device on a Custom firmware PSP

A special thanks to the mod plunk for his dedication to this site .

See some inspirational pictures (of halo not GTA) here hope yout enteries are just as funny .

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