Cheat device for GTA ... an ultimate dream for gta fans

(me havin a blast with cheat device on my psp with GTA:VCS )

Cheat device is a software patch for psp , ps2 and pc , that allows you to do amazing stuff on gta like fly on bikes and cars , lamborghini doors for cars , increase the water level , take photos and videos (on the psp and pc) , build your own ramps (like the ones in hot wheels 360°, :P) , infinite health and ammo, no reloading , crazy weapons , customising cars , changing gravity , spawn any vehicle , step through walls and basically doing anything you want ... this is a must for all psp holders you can see more at . You can also download a video of me having fun here. Its in gif format so open with windows fax viewer.
GTA VCS cheat device for psp's (on devhook) can be downloaded here . Instructions are avaible inside . It is advice not to save the game while using cheat device.
Note: You can download a free unzipper software here

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