How to install cheat device Custom firmware PSP

3 more days left for the igizmore contest . For those of you with custom firmware here's how to take screen captures of GTA : VCS using cheat device for the IGIZMORE CONTEST .

1) For those of you with 3.71 m33 and higher Download this file. If you are on a lower version see the cheat device homepage . Its doesn't matter if your PSP version is PSP 1000 or 2000 as long as its hacked with custom firmware cheat device will work.

2) Extract "GTA VCS cheat device CFW .rar" with Winrar and copy the folders to the root of the (see pic here)

3) Next go to recovery mode > Plugins > and enable vcscheatdevice371.prx

4) Run gta vcs iso or umd.

5) The cheat device should pop up about 3 secs after the game starts. Mess around with cheat device and capture the most entertaining moments (choose screenshot under cheatdevice) , caption it and send it to igizmorecontest@gmail and win a chance to get a PSP camera or $50 worth of products from . Adios . Good luck . Don't forget to tell your friends . Note: For those of you without CFW use a digital camera .Read the contest information for more details here

Trouble shooting : Cheat device still doesn't pop up ? Go to recovery mode > advance > advance configuration and enable "Plain modules in UMD/ISO"

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