Crayon Physics the most creative puzzle game

Crayon Physics is an amazing 2D freeware puzzle game for the PC and Iphone (see "Extras" below) created by Petri Purho as a prototype in under a week!!! .This is one of the most creative games I have played and what separates this game from the rest is its unique game play . The object of the game is pretty straight forward , you have to direct the ball to the star by drawing lines, circles and boxes . The cool part of this game is there is no single fixed solution for this game, you can be as creative as you want. This game is played entirely with the mouse and is more enjoyable with a digital pen or on a tablet PC . Here's a quick walk through of the game spoiler alert contains game's solution:

Download this game from here (.exe easy installer) If the ''shortcut to crayon'' doesn't work click on the crayon folder and then click on the crayon icon or alternative link (.rar format open with Winrar) or torrent link .

Instructions :

Draw with left mouse button.
Remove / Delete your drawings by right clicking on them.
Spacebar - Will reset the level.
Esc - Will open the menu.
Alt + enter - Will toggle fullscreen.
Alt + F4 - Will quit the game

Download new levels from here and here
Make you own levels, download the from here
Get the Iphone version the game game ( know as iPhysics from here )

A few problems I found in this game are that :
(1) Circles are sometimes 'squared' away
(2) A nasty lag when you draw too many shapes and
(3) The music gets kinda irritating after playing the game a couple of time's. (To delete the music go to the crayon folder > data > sfx > and delete "_ghost_-_lullaby.ogg")

The new version of the game Crayon Physics deluxe is in the making and it looks really amazing . It doesn't limit the game to squares , lines and circles . Check out the video below .

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Download youtube videos from

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