Where do i download psp iso's from

DISCLAIMER : PLEASE TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK , I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT DOWNLOADED , It is not legally possible to download psp iso's unless you have the original UMD (in which case you are allowed a back up viz. ISO) , So it is understood that you own a UMD and for some reason need to download the iso as a backup , UMD damage or any other ethical reason .If you are going to proceed these steps to illegaly download game please leave the post immediately .

First download a torrent client like utorrent look here .

Next go to a website like http://www.torrentz.com/ just type psp followed by the name of the game . eg PSP Fifa street 2 and search for it.

Just download the torrent and open it .

Utorrent will then download the iso /cso .

after the download is completed put the iso in the ISO folder in the root of your memory stick

play it with an emulator like devhook read how to play iso/cso on 1.5 PSP

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