Best Torrent Clients... with regard to speed : D

Torrent clients are softwares which download torrent files whether it be a movie , game , music or just pictures...

NOTE: always run antivirus after you have downloaded a torrent



This torrent client is built for speed . Its a light weight software and will hardly take any space on your disk and can run on the slowest of computers.

It takes 0% cpu usage and is ultra fast ... You can change your upload and download speed with this. uTorrent supports multiple downloads too . It is lightweight with clean GUI.

It is considered the king of all torrent clients (though it is pretty much new). It takes 1MB of disk space 0_0 that's all (seriously) . This software is available only for windows users and can be downloaded at


It was considered the best torrent client until utorrent came in . It gives speed almost as fast as utorrent (though it takes 2-3 minutes to reach its fastest speed) ,the upload and download speed can be controlled . This program runs on java and hence it take's cpu usage space and space on the disk . I use it ... ''why?'' only because my utorrent stopped working (damn errors) .i miss u 'utorrent' :'( EDIT : not any more i got the latest utorrent 1.7 beta : D ).
But none the less it is a very good and fast software and its available for MAC and Windows. Download it here

NOTE: I recommend you to download any one of these two torrent clients ,and unless you seriously cant (i wonder why ?) download these mediocre software:

Bitcomet /Bitlord / turboBT:

ahh.. good old bitcomet lost everything because of utorrent and azureus . these other softwares that i mentioned are OK not excellent . these softwares are almost dead i tried them all they were Ok at that time but now best forgotten.

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