How to watch youtube videos on your PSP / PSP tube tutorial .

Acknowledgments :
The 2nd half of this article is guest posted by plunk .

Remember how you always wanted to watch youtube videos on your PSP ? well now you can . Read on :

For Official firmware users aka (Unhacked PSP's ) :

You can't watch videos live / online via wifi on an offical firmware PSP as PSP doesn't support the newer versions of flash . This tutorial is for watching youtube offline on you offical firmware PSP .

1) Copy the youtube url link you want to download eg.

2) Next go to , choose convert to MP4 for ipod/PSP (mpeg4+ACC) and click on start

3) It will take some time and maybe a few tries if the server is full , be patient .

4) The download will begin , once it's done just copy it to the Video folder which should be on the root of your PSP . If the folder is not there create one and drop the file you downloaded in there .

Troubleshooting : Video still now working then go to the root of you psp , make a folder called "mp_root" , then click on mp_root and make a folder called 100MNV01 and drop the video in there.

For Custom Fimrware users / PSPTUBE tutorial :

This part is written by plunk , I personally prefer watching youtube videos on my itouch rather than my psp . But for those of you who like to use your psp to watch videos from youtube , Veoh , Google Video ,RedTube , Dailymotion and other naughty little sites than read plunk's guide :

"As I was sitting thinking about the many directions the psp is headed in the near future, I wanted to show you all a little bit about where the psp is now. It was about 11:00 at night my daughter was in bed, i didn't want to turn the tv up to loud and wake her, so i popped out the psp, opened up a nice little program called psptube, and started watching a movie. Tired of ripping movies and converting them down ? Wish you could stream video ? Psptube is the way to go the newest version support various sites (mentioned above)

The program is very handy as you can simply type in what you are searching for flick through each of the sites and see the results and play them all through psptube. So if you are looking for some laughs or for a good movie to watch you can do a search, or hop onto a site like (which tells you what servers the different tv shows and movies are running from, so you can see if it is on google video or veoh and such) find a tv show or movie you are looking for from the site and then simply go to psptube and type in either the tv name, movie name, or id.

To install this on your CFW psp download this Link

with this version of psptube all you need to simple do is to place it into your game380 folder or game3xx folder ex. x:/psp/game380/arnookiePSPTube3/ the containing files. where x is your psp root. As simple as that you are up and running. With this newer version i have never needed to install dev id so it really is as simple as just placing the files in the right folder. No browsing through your .cfg files to place your user id in or anything.

- plunk "

Sounds simple enough , and if you need any help plunk can be found on the igizmore chat . Thats it , a few more posts before igizmore closes down . Enjoy !!!

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