3 Amazing PSP games you haven't heard of :

Sure all of you'll know games like NFS , Fifa , Gta , Metal gear solid , Nba , Burnout , Prince of persia etc . They are popular coz the are available in almost all consoles and have a lot of unnecessary 'hype'. So here's a list of PSP exclusive games that sadly didn't reach the popularity that it should have earned - in short they are underrated psp games:

1) Chili con Carnage :

Chili con carnage is one of the best action/adventure/modern shoot 'em up game for the PSP , This Total Overdose remake for the PSP can be described as a mixture of Grand theft auto , Matrix and Jackie chan's stuntmaster (ps1) with a shot of humor. The game's story goes like this , 'Ram' accompanied with his drunk friend is on a hunt to extract revenge on the people responsible for his fathers death , and he has to go through various wacky missions to do so.

This game has funny characters ( including Arnold Schwarzenegger like women in bikinis) , Crazy weapons ( mafia violin case guns) , Amazing matrix like combos , Enjoyable mexican hip hop music , great graphics (for a psp standard) , bizarre gameplay (with exploding chickens) accompanied with a funny storyline . If you haven't player Total Overdose , this game is kinda like Gta where you can get on vehicles / helicopters , zipline across buildings , alot of action and crazy power ups (including when where a mexican wrestler stomps on your enemies). You even get to take the weird hats of the opponents you killed like Abraham lincion's hat , egg shell hats , sombrero's , cow boy hat's etc. The game has its shortcomings though like its too small and could have easily had more levels to it, It also would have been much better if it were a sandbox type (freeplay) and the last level is a annoying - its too long and too tough, though the game overall is quick and pretty simple. I doubt anyone finished it without cheat codes . Multi player mode is pretty decent too , Single console multi player is an another advantage. Any way enough of my review check out the trailer here:

2) Work Time Fun (WTF) :

Work Time Fun can be called the weirdest game of the PSP , The Umd contains a collection of wacky Mini games and Surreal applications like 'eye spy' (video above) , 'Ramen timer' : a Japanese lady/guy tries to distract you till your noodles ramen is made , 'Bill counter', 'Torch' etc. This PSP exclusive game maybe a joke to look at but is actually ... fun . The mini games are addictive and make great Single console multi player games . Sure they have strange games like sorting chickens , lumberjack (chopping wood) , arranging pens etc. but they make excellent bathroom instant gaming . This game is worth buying as it provides light and quick entertainment that can be enjoyed by all.

3) Crush :

A few of you might be surprised at finding this game here , as it is 'kinda' popular. The reason that this game is on this list is because people often have an aversion towards 'puzzle games' . But Crush is a totally different type . It's a unique game where a guy suffering from insomnia tries on this helmet C.R.U.S.H (Cognitive Regression Utilizing pSychiatric Heuristics) with which he has to solve puzzles by alternating between a 2d - 3d mechanism to to unclutter his mind and hopefully get his life on track by curing his insomnia. The game's interesting puzzles with ascending difficulty accompanied with a decent storyline promises to provide hours of game play(depending on how smart you are) . This unique game is definitely worth a buy and it' is hands down one of the best puzzle game for the PSP .
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