Where to download movies , music , games , ebooks etc for free

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the content downloaded by these software's, hence this post is not illegal. Please use these at your own risk. It is a MUST to use ANTI VIRUS while downloading content from p2p's. There can be viruses on P2P's so check the content you are downloading .Please don't misuse these softwares ... STOP ANTI-PIRACY. You are personally responsible for your actions .

For a long time millions of users have been downloading stuff for free. But how or where to download them ?. So here's a guide for all noobs (new comer's) where to download movies , games , music and all for 100% Free . READ DISCLAIMER

All this is thanks to peer-to-peer (p2p) , P2p ain't illegal though much of the content on them are, ''What are some p2p software's that help to download music , games and all ?'' , here they are:


Its one of the most used peer to peer in the world today. It work on the Gnutella network and has its rules. Its very user friendly and easy to use. The basic version of it is free and can be downloaded here. I recommend you download this software , but be careful of the content you download there could be viruses .


Soulseek is a beta software. Its is a p2p that hardly takes any space. And is said to be an upcoming p2p that would replace all other's ,it can be downloaded here


A clean an popular software , used mostly for music . It has thousands of legal mp3's too and can be downloaded here .


Another popular software that work's on the huge Gnutella network and can be downloaded here


Torrents are p2p's that are used to download large files(usually) like movies and games . You just have to download a torrent client , then search a torrent (movie,game,software etc) from a torrent site and download the torrent . for more details check my previous posts torrent clients and torrent sites.

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