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Here are some of the best and popular torrent sites : is the successor to Suprnova, one of the original biggest torrent databases of the Web and the Most visited torrent site on the internet . Almost anything you want can be found here. Axxo's original dvd rips are here is another torrent beta torrent site that searches many of the popular torrent sites listed here , its fast , clean (spare the pop-up) and definitely my favorite .

Demonoid The most popular private torrent site . You need to be registered and registration is by invitation only Note: User Registration is also open some times on Fridays GMT. (PS: This site is BACK , up and running )

PizzaTorrent Searches torrents in real time. A New site thats really catching popularity. can search many torrent sites with this one. Voted as the best torrent site of the year by really good site for torrents. Searches many sites for torrents. Another favorite of mine.

The Pirate Bay a very popular torrent site with a huge database. The good thing about this site is that there are lot of commenter's that help with file installation and also warn against rip off's . another popular site with a huge database. Still a very popular site and a favorite to many.

BTjunkie awesome site especially for games , has loads of torrents downloaded from demonoid .

Thebox a torrent site dedicated to british television.

desi torrents and BWtorrents awesome site for Indian torrents . Registration by invitation only . Again please send me an invitation . Its really hard to get in for newbies . If you get in plz invite me :)

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