Play iso's/cso's on psp without downgrading ...

This is a tutorial for playing iso's on your psp without downgrading .


NOTE: This is only for TA082 psp's your psp should look like this click here

Installing HenD with 3.01 emulation on a 2.71 psp

1)Check if your psp is 2.71 go to 'system settings' > 'system information' and see the 'system software' .
2) To make your TA082 psp 2.71 (dont do it if its 1.5 or less or above 2.71 ) go to (via USB) PSP > GAME and create a new folder called UPDATE. Put the EBOOT.PBP file from here. in there. Boot up (restart) your PSP and update it as normal via the GAME menu. Delete the data when you're done ME menu. Delete the data when you're done.

1. First go here and download under "Homebrew Enabler" And download Rev D + devhook , if not just google it , it will show up .

2. Extract all of the contents of this folder the hend.rar one. Make sure you have WinRAR for this.

3. Connect your psp with a USB. Copy everything from the MS_ROOT folder to your PSP.

4. OK, now download under Homebrew Enabler "Devhook Launcer Port Ver 0.2."

5. Now copy everything from the MS_ROOT from it, onto your PSP. Ask for overwrite etc Yes to all.

6. Okay here comes the kind of confusing part. Download this extract it, and open the dh folder and copy all of the files from the 150 folder onto the 150 folder inside of your dh folder on your PSP. So to simple it out; i) Download the file from PSP hacks ii) Extract all of its contents iii) Open the dh folder in the MS_ROOT of the extract folder iiii) Open the 150 folder and copy the files from the 150 folder, onto the X:Your PSP/dh/150.

7. Now download this and extract it

8. Now extract it, open the MS_ROOT folder and copy everything to your PSP, overwrite etc.

9. Now downloaded the 3.01 EBOOT.PBP here and make sure you rename it EBOOT.PBP!

10. Copy the EBOOT.PBP on to your PSP.

11. Now download this Open the folder and copy the 2 folders in to X:Your PSP/PSP/GAME

12. Ok you are now setup for all of this.

13. Ok connect your PSP to your AC Adapter incase your low on battery life, ( I recommend hooking it up to it anyway).

14. Turn on your PSP, go to Photo and go to HEND

15. Now it should come up with a Blue Screen then a Green Screen! If it comes up with Red Screen that means it was not sucessful DON'T WORRY THIS IS NORMAL just turn your PSP off and try again. IF it turns Blue Then Green, it was sucessful! It should restart your PSP.

16. NOW go to your System Settings and see if it says 2.71 HEN-D. IF it does you did everything right.

17. OK now go to Game on your PSP and go Memory stick and press X. Now you should see many files. Go to DEVHOOK 0.4X launcher for 2.71. It should come up with a menu saying Start,UMD Select,Firmware,CPU_CLock etc.

18. Select Firmware and select 1.50.

19. Select Start.

20. It should load saying game could not be started (error code) DON'T WORRY THIS IS NORMAL.

21. Go to your System Settings. Guess what 1.50!

22. OK Now go game and go to 3.01 DH FW Installer. Press Circle. (IT becomes reversed after enabling 1.50)

23. Now it should come up with a black screen with white text telling you stuff. Press X to install it.

24. OK after its done, make sure its completly DONE. It says its done early on. DON'T LET THIS FOOL YOU WAIT TIL IT IS COMPLETLY DONE AND EXITS AFTER IT GIVES THE 10 SECOND COUNTDOWN.

25. It will now exit.

26. OK restart your PSP, enable HEN-D in Picture/Photo and go to, UNDER GAME, DEVHOOK 0.51 BETA for 2.71.

27. Under firmware select 3.01. And hit start.

28. Go to your system settings and it should be 3.01!


Q: Will this brick (spoil) my PSP?

A: NO not even a chance as it all runs off of your memory stick.

Q: When the screen turns blue then green, do i have to do this each time?

A: NO once it turns green, each time you still have to load it, but it will only turn BLUE. Green just means it was installed sucessfully and is only required ONCE!

Q: Can i keep HEN-D enabled forever?

A: You can keep it on sleep, but each time you fully turn off your PSP, your reset to 2.71 and you have to load it though the PHOTO.

Q: What exactly are the advantages of this?

A: Well its great for loading ISO and CSO games off your memory stick which require higher then 2.71. Since a lot of the newer games require higher then 2.71!

Q: Will this work on my TA-082 PSP?

A: Yes! This is what i did it on and it worked for me 100%

Q:How do i get back to my orignal 2.71 firmware?

A: Just fully turn off your PSP

Q: Do i need a background to load HEN-D?

A: You don't need one, but the chances of your system freezing will pretty much never happen if you have your background.


1. To load ISO/CSO games simply enable HEN-D, load DEVHOOK 0.51 BETA for 2.71, select 3.01 as your firmware, select file emulation and select your CSO/ISO you want to load. Hit Start. Now you will be brought to the PSP HOME with the game, hit Circle to start.

2. MAKE sure there is no UMD in your drive when loading HEN-D, or Devhook, only put the UMD (ANYUMD) in the drive while you are in the Devhook Menu. IT IS REQUIRED TO PLAY ISO/CSO games. Most ISO's will work .

3. YOU will have better luck loading HEN-D when you have your own background image, instead of the XMB wave thing. It will usually work everytime with a background image.

I have copied this tutorial an have edited it a bit. To convert iso's to cso's see my previous article here

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