How to reduce the size of psp games (iso's) on the memory stick / compress psp games

( me playing prince of Persia : revelations CSO on my psp with devhook 0.52 )

All you guys who play iso's on the memory stick of the psp can now put more games in thanks to iso to cso/dax converter. This converter compresses the iso files hence reducing the size ... for example I can fit in GTA:VCS (with cheat device) , WTF (work time fun) , NFS: 5.10, FIFA STREET :2 ,Burnout: legends , Virtua tennis and Pinball all on my 2 GB memory stick along with a few homebrews and about 70 mp3's (all compressed) and 3 music videos : D ... that's 7 games with 6 cso's and 1 iso (GTA:VCS). This converter help's to store more games ,I converted my 890 MB Prince of persia :revelations into a 720MB cso . Some games become half or less by size on conversion like SSX :on tour (from 237.2 MB to 124 MB) , its best to compress PSP isos as it save loads of space.

You can download the ISO to CSO/DAX conveter by Danny kay here (unzip and install it) .
You can download a free unzipper software here
With the software you can covert CSO,ISO and DAX into CSO or ISO or DAX
NOTE: Almost all games run smoothly on cso and dax format but games like GTA lag a bit

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