Psp Blender ... A BIG SCAM

(anti-psp blender)

$37 for a life time membership and unlimited downloads of psp games , homebrews , music , psx games , movies and more ... aah too good to be true ... but dont worry ITS NOT. Psp blender is a huge scam , it just gives torrent links (which can be got for free) and charges you for it . DON'T JOIN THAT PLACE . Every one who has joined that place has regretted it , though you see loads of ads on net of psp blender with ''last day - special offers'' don't join it . It just charges you for stuff you can get for free and it is not 100% legal which it promises to be (wow that kinda rhymed) .Google just places their ad's coz they get money in return. Psp blender earn's alot by cheating newbies so warn others ...

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