PSP 3.90 M33 Easy Tutorial installation Guide

Note :
# For Fat / Phat PSP users You need to have a minimum of 3.52 m33-4 (update no.4 is a must) or higher to install this firmware , this can't be installed on a 1.5 firmware psp . If you don't have it see following the tutorial here.

# This custom firmware works for both PSP fat / phat (1000 series) as well as the Slim PSP (series 2000) ,but you can't install the 1.5 kernel on a Slim PSP.

# Follow these steps carefully and everything will be alright , as it flashes your psp it does have a very minimal risk , nothing to worry about if all the steps are followed correctly.

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Tutorial :

1) Format your psp (make sure you back up your files first) go to system settings and choose format memorystick and connect it to your PC . Formatting is not compulsory but recommended. Make sure your battery is 100% full

2) Download the 3.90 M33 easy installation pack (compiled by me) from here. or alternate torrent link(open with utorrent or similar program)
3) Open it with WinRAR ( not winzip) if you don’t have WinRar download it from here

4) So open with Winrar and copy the PSP folder to the root of your memorystick, If it asks you whether it can over write click on “YES”. Note: the Root of the memory stick is the drive that pops up when you connect your PSP to your PC eg removable hard disk (H:) , (I:) etc, its the place that contains the PSP , ISO , MP_ROOT folder , if you still don't get it see the picture here.

5) Important step : After copying the files, Go to you recovery mode (if you don't know how see the video here) >
Choose configuration > Game folder homebrew and set to 3.xx kernel (eg 3.52 kernel , 3.71 kernel etc) even if you have a slim psp.

6) Restart your psp , Scroll to game > memorystick and click on the black " PSP Update ver. 3.90 " aka 3.90 M33 icon. ( battery should be full )

7) It will unpack , then it will ask you to click on start , accept the users agreements and ta da... it will install (probably take like 2 min.). Then Done.

8) You can now delete the update folder , or better still format your psp. I Recommend Fat/ Phat PSP users to install the 1.5 kernel on their PSP tutorial here - to unleash your homebrew power.

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1) I can't seem to do the 6th step , every time I click on the installer icon it just turns black / or it doesn't install it just freezes after unpacking . Solution please?
Answer: Format your psp and make sure you make sure your game homebrew kernel is set to 3.xx

2) Will the recovery pack that I found on your site work with my new firmware ?
Answer : I don't think so, as you cannot downgrade your slim to 1.5 and this new firmware has a new recovery pack which you can download on my site (coming next week) But the pandora will work for sure.

3) Can i get that cool prince of persia wallpaper which is on your PSP's picture of this post ?
Answer: Sure : ) , get it from here. More FAQ's here.

Acknowledgments : Dark alex

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