PSP 3.52 M33 users Guide faq

Get 3.52 M33 - 4 custom firmware from here

Troubleshooting :

The problem with 3.52M33 is that it crashes alot and gives errors , so here's a trouble shooting tip: incase you get errors like :
The game could not be started (codes like
80020148 , 8002014C , 80020148 etc) your iso's , UMD , homebrews etc may not work all you got to do is use the Semi birck Recovery or use pandora battery and downgrade your psp to 1.5 and upgrade it back to 3.52 M33. Keep the pack in you psp at all times you never know when it might save .

Run PSP at Full speed 333Mhz:
1) Go to recovery mode (see video)
2) CPU SPEED > and set both to 333 , NOTE: it takes more battery.

Run Iso's / Cso's without UMD , No UMD mode:
If you found your UMD to be making too much noice and vibirations this one is for you :
go to Recovery mode > Configuration >and set umd mode to ''Sony NP9660b- NO UMD-'' works awesome for all iso's/ cso's

ITS BEST TO USE YOUR 1.5 Kernel for running stuff see HOW TO RUN HOMEBREWS BELOW :

NOTE : I recommend having 1.5 recovery on custom firmware in case something goes wrong download it from here

How to play iso's , cso's :
1) Connect your PSP to your PC via USB .
2) In the root (the root has psp , mp_root folder and stuff) of the memory stick create a folder called ISO and place your iso's , cso's there
3) Disconnect , scroll to game menu and choose memory stick and simply choose the game .
4) If some iso's , cso's dont work use devhook see Devhook 0.52 tutorial

X and O button swap :
1) Go to your recovery menu , hold R button while powering up (hold up in power + R shoulder button) the psp .
See the video of how you can access the recovery on top of the page.
2) scroll to registry hack and press X
3) Choose the button assign as X or O
4) go back and exit

Activate flash / wma :
1) Go to recovery menu ,( see how to access the recovery menu on top of the page)
2) scroll to registry hacks and press X .
3) press X on activate flash/wma
4)Go back and choose exit

How to run homebrews :
Well there are two ways of doing it I prefer the first one (recommended)
1) Go to recovery menu.
2)Choose configuration > Game folder homebrew and set to 1.50 kernel (highly recommended)
3) Reboot or go back and exit
4) Connect your psp and put your 1.5 f/w homebrews in the PSP > GAME folder
5) Start homebrews as normal from the memorystick via game menu.

YOU CAN SKIP LOGO , HIDE CORRUPT ICONS , RUN WITHOUT UMD ,FAKE REGION etc from the recovery mode > configuration

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