Pandora Downgrade unbrick Any PSP firmware

Ok , Now i assume that you have made the pandora battery , if you havent - learn how to make one from here .
Once you have the pandora battery unbricking or downgrading will be a breeze , and the best part is , it's 100% safe.

NOTE : this is for people who have made the pandora battery in my method


1) Now what you do is take the bricked PSP or the psp you want to downgrade to 1.5 , it doesn't matter which firmware it is , and yes this works for all modchips (inculding TA-082) . I recommend taking out the UMD (this is not compulsory i just recommend it)

2) Make sure the
Pandora-unbricking-service battery is charged , then put it in the PSP , The psp should turn on automatically .

3) After that insert the " magic memorystick " in it .

4) The wifi and memorystick lights will flash for a moment and a white Text will appear .

5) Press X to downgrade , the battery should be 50% charged at this point if not it will prompt you to charge it.

6) Just agree to the terms and press X ... the downgrading will begin .

7) It will flash into the kernel (don't worry this is the safest any downgrader has ever been) , wait for a couple of minutes and it will tell you that its done (press X) and it will then turn off.

8) Take out the "magic memorystick" and the "pandora battery" and insert the the normal battery and memorystick and turn the PSP on. It will show you a crazy Blue screen (a sign that it is downgraded) and Congrats thats it you done , it was pretty simple wasn't it ??? . Apply your personal settings like date , time and stuff .


How to make magic memorystick into a normal one:

Format it and use it without the pandora battery (use a normal one) , though i don't recommend it .

How to make a pandora battery into a normal one :
Again i don't recommend this , coz when your psp is bricked or upgraded to a new firmware this battery will be the only one that can save you .

Next I Hope you backed it up . If you did :
1) Put in the magic memorystick and Take out normal battery.

2) Power the PSP with the AC charger only .

3)Turn it on , after its on insert the pandora battery .

4) Go to Pandora Battery Maker ... Press L+R to restore you pandora battery into a normal one from the eeprom.bin (that is if you backed it up ) , If you did not back it up and yet want it to become a normal one press square , it will turn into a normal battery ,but you will face problems (like take's too much time to charge and stuff) just don't blame me for it , like i said i don't recommend turning a pandora battery back a normal one (whats the use of making it in the first place ???) .

5) NOTE : Don't keep turning you battery into pandora and normal, this will only spoil the battery .

Now you got your 1.5 PSP upgrade it to the 3.40 OE-A one of the best custom firmware from see
3.40 oe custom firmware installation . Please Tell your friends about or

P.S : Please share your battery with others , let everyone have the the joy of homebrew on their PSP's .

If you need more details please see the Noobz! team's readme.txt from here

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