iPSP - iphone portal for the PSP

iPSP is something truly awesome ... its (as the title says) an apple iphone portal for your PSP . And best thing is that - you dont need to have a downgraded PSP to use this. Yes this can run on any psp firmware above 2.71 . How cool is that ??? This application is a definite EYE CANDY !!! and it really does look like THE apple iphone (spare the touch screen) .

To use the iPSP portal you need to enable Flash on your PSP . Here’s how to do it :


1) You need a psp with firmware 2.71 or above

2) Go to any place with WiFi – wireless internet ( coffee shops , airports , hotels , malls loads of places have WiFi offered for free ) and turn the WiFi switch on (WiFi switch is found at the left end of the PSP next to the Memory stick port)

3) Next go to “SYSTEM SETTINGS” and “Click on Enable Flash player” follow the instructions – it will connect to net and stuff and enable flash.


1) Go to recovery mode . Don’t know how ? see the video here

2) Next go to “Registry hacks” and click on “Activate Flash player”

3) That’s it your done , you don’t need Wifi or anything to activate it . Back and Exit .


There is no chance of bricking your psp while installing it so don’t worry :)

1) Download the pack from here

2) Open it with WinRAR , if you don’t have WinRar download it from here . Connect your PSP to the PC via USB .

3) Open the pack with WinRAR and copy the “PSP” folder and “PSP TUNES” folder to the ROOT of the memory stick . IT will ask you whether it can overwrite just click on “YES”.

NOTE: the ROOT of the PSP is not the MP_ROOT it is Removable hardisk (H:\ , I:\ , J:\ etc) – the drive that pops up when you connect your PSP to the PC the place with “PSP” , “MP_ROOT” folders etc .


1) To use iPSP go to the “internet browser” (noo you don’t need WiFi this time)

2) Press triangle if you don't get the address bar and stuff . Then go to Tools > Settings >Cache Settings > and make cache size as “DO NOT USE "

3)Then go to the ADDRESS BAR and type in “ file:/PSP/COMMON/ipsp/index.html ” (click on pic below) without the quotes . Bookmark it – saves time .

4) It will ask you if it can play the plugin - choose “YES” and there you go your very own iPSP . Turn your PSP vertically – use the analog stick as a cursor and X for choosing

Now go make your friends jealous . But don’t forget to tell them where you got it from www.igizmore.uni.cc or http://igizmore.blogspot.com :) . Yup , Tell about igizmore to all your friends ;)

NOTE : If you get memory errors just delete your cache .

To use PSP tunes and to customize your iPSP download the official manual from here (in pdf format)

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