3.40 oe - A users guide

3.40 OE-A is old update to 3.52 M33 from here

ITS BEST TO USE YOUR 1.5 Kernel for running stuff see HOW TO RUN HOMEBREWS BELOW :

NOTE : I recommend having 1.5 recovery on custom firmware in case something goes wrong download it from here

How to play iso's , cso's :
1) Connect your PSP to your PC via USB .
2) In the root (the root has psp , mp_root folder and stuff) of the memory stick create a folder called ISO and place your iso's , cso's there
3) Disconnect , scroll to game menu and choose memory stick and simply choose the game .
4) If some iso's , cso's dont work use devhook see Devhook 0.52 tutorial

X and O button swap :
1) Go to your recovery menu , hold R button while powering up (hold up in power + R shoulder button) the psp . See the video of how you can access the recovery on top of the page.
2) scroll to registry hack and press X
3) Choose the button assign as X or O
4) go back and exit

Activate flash / wma :
1) Go to recovery menu ,( see how to access the recovery menu on top of the page)
2) scroll to registry hacks and press X .
3) press X on activate flash/wma
4)Go back and choose exit

How to run homebrews :
Well there are two ways of doing it I prefer the first one (recommended)
1) Go to recovery menu.
2)Choose configuration > Game folder homebrew and set to 1.50 kernel (highly recommended)
3) Reboot or go back and exit
4) Connect your psp and put your 1.5 f/w homebrews in the PSP > GAME folder
5) Start homebrews as normal from the memorystick via game menu.

YOU CAN SKIP LOGO , HIDE CORRUPT ICONS , RUN WITHOUT UMD ,FAKE REGION etc from the recovery mode > configuration

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