Igizmore last post + Gta winner info

UPDATE: Dominic the winner of the igizmore contest has received his $75 PS3 sixaxis controller prize , which he chose as his gift. For some reason he is hesitant to send in his picture , so here's the shipping info for proof that I am not making this up :)

It has been fun writing for this site . Thanks to all my readers for their support . Keep visiting the igizmore chat and please don't hesitate to keep in touch . Adios . For the last time this is igizmore signing out .

First of , Wishing you guys a very happy New year . Hope you '09 is filled with prosperity and tons of video games .

The results are out , the winner of the igizmore gta contest is ...

*drum roll* Dominic Masters from Queensland Australia .

Dominic has chose the Ps3 sixaxis controller has his prize from play-asia.com . Pic will be put up as soon as he gets it .

The voting poll was canceled as i received very few entries . A big thanks to the few others who participated , Check out Dominic's winning entries :

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