PSP UNIVERSAL REMOTE complete edition

Have trouble finding your remote ... Have too many remotes and dont know which controls what ? NO PROBLEM either you can buy a Universal remote or do what i do and Install the universal remote homebrew on your psp .

This is an awesome piece of homebrew application that work's only on 1.5 firmware psp's that uses the psp's IR (infra red ) port . Download the complete edition pack(v1.2) with the latest remote functions and basic software from here (remote pack)



1) Open the downloaded application with WINRAR . If you dont have WINRAR download it from here

2) After opening it - Just copy the "PSP" and "remotes" folder to the root of your 1.5 f/w psp . It will take 5 to 10 minutes to trasnfer as there are loads of files and thats it your done.


1) Go to GAME > MEMORY STICK > Infrared remote

2) After it opens press " L " and choose your BRAND eg sony and press X to select.

3) After choosing your brand , choose your remote by pressing X if your don't know keep trying
them on random sooner or later you will figure it out. (For my sony wega the RMT-V166TV.txt work's).

4) After choosing your remote press the " R " button press square to select the command and then press a button (X , O , triangle , square or direction buttons ) to assign the command to it .

5) Press the assigned button to perform the command eg volume up ... that's it ... ENJOY

6) PRESS "start" button to quit

Acknowledgements to Massa84 and all those who helped to make this wonderful homebrew possible.

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