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You can now enjoy movies and othe videos on your psp screen without buying UMD movies. Psp supports Mp4 and 3gp format and can play them when they are on the Memory stick pro duo . All you have to do is convert them . The following are the two best MP4 converters:


Rapiz is according to me the best psp converter around . It gives awesome DVD like quality and best compression . eg Pirates of the Caribbean black pearl is only 198 MB . After converting the video with rapiz just drag the MP_ROOT folder in the root of your memory stick (eg removable disk (H:) or (I:) or (J:) etc. ). Rapiz converts almost all formats (including Divx) to MP4 . The problem is its kinda slow takes 2-3 hours to convert a movie. But still in terms of quality it is the best , see more info here Rapiz is not a free software but the next software is.

Psp video 9:

This is a FREE psp converter . Its fast and clear but compressions is not so good. Psp video 9 also supports many formats and has a video manager . This software can be downloaded here
Also check 3gp here

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