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(speed up your surfing)

You can now speed up your browsing thanks to web accelerators . A web accelerator is a proxy server that reduces web site access times. They can be a self-contained hardware appliance or installable software. The most popular web accelerators are :

FasterFox (for firefox):

Fasterfox is totally free web accelerator that work on the popular Firefox web browser. You can download it from here or from my referral (see recommended)

Google web accelerators:

This is a free web accelerator by google that works on Internet explorer and firefox. It is best to be used with broadband and can be downloaded here .


Onspeed is an excellent web accelerator for mobiles , dial up and broadband that compresses images , flash and text . It is one of the best accelerators around , but unfortunately it ain't free :( . The trial version can be downloaded here

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