How to change/hide your ip address?

This is a tutorial of how to change you ip (Internet protocol ) address . There are two ways of doing this the manual way and the other with the help of software's / sites . In this tutorial I will tell you how to change your ip address with the help of software's /sites .

Why should i change my ip address?

*To be safe from the net . If someone has your ip address they can easily hack you .
*So you become untraceable and protect your personal information . With your ip address people can find your exact location don't believe me take look here (Don't worry its a safe site :P)
*To access a site that has been blocked to you or a forum that had banned you :P. etc

So how to change my ip address ?

Well I would like to mention two software's and two anonymous site browser's. and are a free but limited anonymous web proxy service to help you bypass firewalls, school filters, parental controls, work filters and anything else that might be blocking Internet content. Not only are you able to browse your favorite sites you are completely anonymous while doing it, hidden behind our network, your identity is protected and your computer is safe from hazardous online attacks on your personal information.

Now for the software's :

Hide Ip : this lets you be anonymous while surfing the web . You get a free 3 day trial. See which is good for you the BASIC version or the platinum one .

Ip hider :
This another software that changes your ip address download it from and again its not a free software

There are many sites and such software's available but i am too lazy to post those , what I mentioned above is one of the best - enjoy !

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