Compress mp3's ... bitrate changer

Want to fit in more songs in your ipod/psp/mobile etc and just don't have enough space for it? No worries for there are software's that compress your mp3's by changing its bit rate . The software's are:

Blaze Media pro:

An awesome software that reduces the size of mp3's by changing the bitrate from 196KBPS to 128 or less KBPS . Songs of artists like backstreet boys can be reduced to 64KBPS (less than half it's size ) and still have good quality . With this software you can even convert audio into different formats and even edit . This software is also a very good video converter , It aint free though you get a 30 day trial ... so use it well :P download it from . You can now put 100 mp3's on your 128 mb card :D

DB power amp:

This is another software that help's to change the bitrate of mp3's . Enjoy

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